Making positive change: Choosing the happy

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I was recently having a conversation with a friend in regards to their life. Frustrations about home-life, job and money matters…particular job and money matters…weigh heavily. Life isn’t balancing and the end of the rope is near.

My advice sounded more simple than it really is. But it’s not that hard, either. Good things don’t come to those who wait, they pass them by and those good things end up going to those who are pursuing them aggressively.

In other words, the only person in control of your life is you. You want change, you have to make it. Because really, it won’t happen otherwise. Take charge. Be your own hero, your own game-changer. Aggressively pursue YOUR happiness, whatever your happiness may be.

Many of us are stuck in a ground-hog day rut. Wake up, go to work, come home. The in-between happenings may change but those basics remain the same. But, I can almost bet that even people who are joyously happy in their chosen careers have the same type of rinse-repeat days. It’s just the attitude you choose to greet each day with that will set the tone. Right? I choose to wake up happy (after my early morning, pre-coffee grumpies). Despite the day-after-day monotony of life, I want…I CHOOSE…to be happy.

If your unhappiness is situational, take a good, hard look at that situation. Is it worth spending a great part of your day in negative-mode? What EXACTLY is your reality? And…what, if anything, can you do to change it?

Are you minutes away from completing a degree that will change the entire structure of your life? What are you waiting for, finish it. I know people that make excuse after excuse about why they aren’t completing their degrees, one that will bring them thatmuchcloser to the life imagined. With the convenience of colleges and universities that offer online classes and government aid to make the courses affordable, I’m afraid there is no substance to those excuses about time and money. It’s obtainable.

Are you in a relationship that just isn’t working out the way you expected it to? I’m not pro-divorce, despite the fact that I’ve been there, done that. But, I am pro-finding your happy place. If that relationship that you invested time and emotion into is salvageable, then do something to salvage it. Just realize that it’s not going to repair itself. My parents used to always say that “it takes two to tango.” Well, it takes two to fix a crack in a relationship, too.

Babysteps. Make a plan and take one small step at a time. Give yourself limits and breaks. Or don’t. Jump in and swim strong toward your goals.

Sometimes I feel as though people enjoy their own misery, perhaps it’s their way of feeling something…alive?

I don’t know, the way I look at is life is way too short to live it in a constant state of unhappiness. There has to be a better balance of the happy vs. the unhappy with the happy weighing a little heavier! Sit down and take a good look at the way your life is now. If you’re good with it, awesome! If you’re not, then do something about it. Life isn’t getting any longer.

Choose to be happy. Really.

And, that’s my opinion, choose to take it or leave it.




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    I attended a Happiness Bootcamp last week with a life coach. It was so interesting to learn that 50% of a person’s happiness is predetermined by genetics (weight, depression, health), 10% is determined by current situation (finances, job, location), but 40% is controlled. Making our lives happier takes work, hard work, because if it was easy we would all be blissfully happy. My post today has a list of what the happiest people in the world do. It is a great guideline!
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