Two kids and now Elizabeth Banks is a REAL mom

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Mazel Tov and l’chiam.

So much about this article made me want to smash my face into a wall.

Read it while I go clean out the sink and load the dishwasher without rubber gloves on. Yes, go ahead.

Back yet?


What did you think?

I mean, of course she’s darling. Right?

But, c’mon lady.

Real moms take care of their children. No matter how many pups they have.

When I had one kid, sure…it was easier than having two. Which was way easier than four. And way easier than five.

Honestly, it’s easier not having any, let’s be real.

Not that I would change my Mommy status for anything on this planet.

I know, celebrities are a different breed. They live in a fantasy world where most of us don’t have access…unless they are doing interviews to share with the general public.

Ms. Banks is saying that now she is REALLY a mom because she has given live birth (just found out…she had them by surrogate, not that it would make her any less a mom but…she didn’t give birth so it discredits my live birth statement.)twice…cute names, by the way. Felix and Magnus.

She is claiming that she is now a real mom because she and her hubby had to be completely and 100% in charge, full-time, of their two kids…for TEN WHOLE DAYS while on holiday. And, to make matters worse, she lost her nails. How so very painful that sounds.

*mock shock* OMG…I’m really, really glad she survived the trauma of it.

How DID she ever manage?

Thank goodness she’s a wealthy celebrity, otherwise I don’t know what she’d do if she was plopped down right in the center of middle-class suburbia with a coupla kids and a minivan.

The horror.

Ms. Banks lived most of our reality for a mere 10 days.

Things that we do, on a regular basis, day after day.

Without help from nannies, nurses, babysitters and whatnot.

Well, some of us DO have some help but whatevs.

Plus, some of us work full-time to boot.

The 9-5, what a way to make a living type job.

The mom of 2 and now she’s a REAL mom.

Ha, Elizabeth Banks, you’re too cute.

Have a third and may the odds be ever in your favor.

I’m just sayin’.

Don’t those celebs say the darndest things?