It’s all in the job description

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You slam your door in my face.

You gossip about me with your friends.

You text your friends, complaining about how awful I am.

You give me dirty looks behind my back.

And to my face.

You give me hand gestures behind my back.

And to my face.

You roll your eyes at me.

You spit venomous words into my heart.

You don’t listen to my answer when you ask a question.

You don’t answer my questions except with a scowl.

You whine when I ask you to do something.

You think I’m stupid.

You think I’m embarrassing.

You tell me I’m the absolute worst, the meanest.

You tell me to drop dead.

You tell me you are worried to tell me things, I might look at you differently.

But then you tell me anyways.

You think I’m too strict and I suck.

You tell me you hate me.

And you know what?

I’m OK with all of that.

Because that means I’m doing my job right and you feel comfortable…

Secure enough with me to be able to feel these things.

Because all this means to me

Is that you know,

no matter what you say

or do…

I will always

and forever

Love you.




  1. says

    Ahh…. just another day in the life of a parent with a teen.

    The good thing is that one day they’ll be totally different and see the error of their ways.
    Jackie´s last blog post ..I’m back….