Cliqueless and Nicheless, A Story of How I Roll

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I just liked this image, that's the only reason why I used it.

I’ve never been part of a clique.
I was never nerdy enough to be in with the nerd in-crowd.
I was never cool enough to be hanging with the uber-popular kids.
I was never active in school sports so the jocks weren’t my friends.
I didn’t do drugs that I’ll admit to, so I wasn’t skipping with the stoners.
I had a group of friends who weren’t necessarily a group at all.
Cliques were never my thing, I suppose. Or maybe I wasn’t a cliques thing.
Either way, the story remains the same.
No clique can define me, good or bad as that may be.
Good friends, I am completely blessed with. I’m lucky.
The only negative thing about being clique-less, in my opinion, is when it comes to blogging. Well, it’s not a negative but it is something that doesn’t work for you when you aren’t part of a big group of friends who blog.
Clique-less and nicheless…I’m a blogging disaster, yo.
I believe that, in many instances, the only way to make those ever-so-popular blog lists are to be in the ever-so popular groups of bloggers. Oh and, be a good writer who posts consistently so, there’s that, too.
I gots none of that.
Well, what I do have, it seems, is a pretty popular and highly contagious blogging disease known as “Writers Block”. The cure is to keep writing but I think I’m too far gone, there’s no hope. I’ll need to buy a plot in the Cemetery for Deceased Blogger. I’d like a nice spot under a tree and by a pond.
Cliques and niches. Sigh.
I wander the blogging halls of high school…alone-ish. I say hi to those I know and like. I give a head nod to those I just know. And, I keep walking past those I don’t know.
Very similar to how high school was for me. I head to my locker, open it and look around forgetting what I was there for in the first place. Oh ADD, how you mock me.
That’s why there are so many drafts in my blog.
I think I over-think.
But honestly, I don’t really feel an overwhelming sense of community anymore. Not like there used to be, back in the olden days of blogging. Cre8buzz…do any of you remember that place? Yeah, that was the Golden Age. The only time during my blogging career, because that’s what it’s sort of become, that I felt a part of a true community. Seriously, they just don’t make sites like that anymore. Someone…do something about this.
Over-saturation may be part of the clique-less issue, at least for me. I mean, there are so many blogs out there now that it’s really hard to find a place for yourself when you aren’t quite a Mommy blogger or a deal blogger or foodie blogger or any other niche blogger. Plus, I don’t have time for the competitive stuff that goes on. I’m too busy checking my Facebook, Twitter and newfound addiction, Linkedin.

Really, I’m not bemoaning the fact that I’m a drifter. It is what it is. As Popeye once said…at least, I think it’s Popeye…”I yam what I yam.”

I have to take it because leaving it isn’t quite a good alternative.

So, for the upcoming New Year, supposing we don’t all get wiped out on December 21st by colliding with another planet or whatever it is that’s supposed to happen, I’m going to try to, at the VERY LEAST, blog a little more. Yeah, I know, I’ve been saying that for a couple years now. This isn’t a New Years Resolution because I don’t do those. It’s more like a pinky swear with fingers crossed promise to myself. But, I’m going to remain nicheless because that’s how I roll. No one puts baby in a pigeonhole.

The clique-less thing? Well, I’m OK with that as long as I still have my friends!

What about you guys? Do you still feel a sense of community within the blogworld? Do you think personal blogs are on their way out or just evolving and joining the ezines? Whaddy think?




  1. says

    I’m also niche-less; if it makes you feel any better. I do feel a slight sense of community, but I’ve joined the blogging game late. I’ve made a few far-flung friends along the way. My blog is small and I’m okay with that; I realize it will never be part of the “in” crowd. But then again, I’ve never been part of the “in” crowd. And, for what it’s worth, I read every word you write – whether I comment or not.
    Gigi´s last blog post .."Someone" misses his mom…. (not his dad though, because he’s no fun)

  2. says

    I don’t know if I’m part of a certain niche… or clique. I do feel a sense of community with many of the bloggers and especially the ones that are in the same state as me (Michigan).

    I will never make one of those popular blog lists…. never. That’s okay I guess.