A Small Epiphany of Perspectiveness (Totally a word)

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I’m not happy right now.

I’m quite frustrated, too.

You see, I have no food in the house and I’m really quite hungry.

The dust bunnies are running amok and I don’t have time at the moment to wrassle them into the OK Corral with the Swiffer whip.

I have a party to go to tonight and I’m not sure I’m feeling the Street Chic dress code vibe with the outfit I bought for the occasion.

I missed ballet today because I am still getting used to organizing my life, which has been a fail thus far. And, I MUST get organized because I took on a writing gig over at Shop to Earn where I’m writing about Family stuff.

The pool is being closed right now. Which sadly signifies the fact that it won’t be warm for AT LEAST 6 months.

I painted my nails and the quick dry top coat I put on didn’t dry quick enough so I have ruined my nails already.

I forgot to take the dog out and he peed on my already pee stained bedroom carpet.

The left turn signal on my car isn’t signaling and I keep forgetting to take it in.

I can’t find my wedding band and I’m frantic.

And…my butt hurts from sitting in one place so long. The perils of making a living doing stuff online.


I go onto Facebook and see status updates of my friends worried about their families in Israel. I read articles of apartments being bombed from missiles launched, courtesy of Gaza. I read about deaths of the innocent, both from Gaza and Israel.

And I can’t help but think that what’s going on in the Middle East really puts my life in perspective. Because, as of this very moment…

I live in a pretty safe country.

I don’t have to worry about protecting my children during airstrikes. And hopefully this will remain status quo.

I’m thankful my daughter, who was in Israel during the summer, was there during a safe time. Because…OMG.

My life today, in comparison to whats going on in Israel, is completely trivial. Meaningless, really. I feel so shallow and self involved (which, on the most part, I am). I’m not facing life or death situations right now. Even if I am driving to Detroit tonight. Which honestly, isn’t dangerous, I just have my mothers fears to reckon with. My children are safe at school and they’ll be safely home soon. My dogs are snoring contentedly on the couch. My cats are hunting socks and depositing them at my feet. Life is normal.

I couldn’t imagine having to face what Israeli families have to face during times of turmoil.

All I can say is, being as sheltered as I am, I have had a epiphany of perspectiveness…

I am grateful for what I have, even though I sometimes take it for granted and therefore don’t appreciate it.

I stand with Israel. My thoughts are with them.

עם ישראל חי