Dump Your Debt Review and Giveaway

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Those of you who know me, either through my blog, online or in real life, know that we came perilously close to losing our home to Bank of America almost exactly a year ago.

We were put in touch with a local attorney, Ken Gross, who specializes in the field of kicking ass against the big banks.

Kick ass, he did. And, as you might be aware, we finally received our permanent load modification and have been paying our mortgage comfortably and happily. Well, as happily as you can possibly be when giving someone else a large sum of money. We owe Ken Gross so much gratitude, I can’t even begin to express it.

Mr. Gross wrote a fantastic book, full of information to help those in the midst of financial crisis and also, for those who aren’t. The book is called “Dump Your Debt” and, in my opinion, every household in America should own this book. Yes, seriously.

He calls upon his vast financial crisis experience to lend sound advice to anyone and everyone who makes one single cent. The books tagline is “So your income goes in the bank and not to the bank”. There are chapters that address, in tremendous detail, Financial Crisis, Foreclosure and all things surrounding it, Loan Mods, Bankruptcy, Debt Resolution and Tax Relief.

It’s written in a way that, even I, a person who doesn’t really understand the legal language, can truly comprehend. Which means, if you understand it, you can apply it to your life and learn to be fiscally more responsible to protect your income for the future. My husband read the book before I did. He said, and I quote, “I wish I had a book like this a long time ago because maybe we wouldn’t be in the position we are in.” True dat. While I was reading it, and it’s not a quick read because of all the information, I kept thinking to myself the same thing. I WISH I HAD KNOWN THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW. But, now that we’ve read this book, it’s a matter of applying what we’ve learned to our real life. And that is what we are beginning to try to do. Protect our future while, also, protecting RIGHT NOW.

This book, Dump Your Debt, is probably one of the most important books you can purchase that is in the market today. On the back of the book, he says that “the contents of this book- are in the words of an industry that I despise-priceless” and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

I happen to have TWO copies that I’m giving away. It ends on October 29th at Midnight. Winners will be announced on October 30. Must be in the Continental US to win. If you don’t win this book and you are interested in purchasing it, you can purchase it here. It’s available on Amazon for 9.99

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disclosure: I received a copy of the book to review but no monetary compensation. As always, my opinion is my own and can never be influenced in one way or the other.




  1. says

    Great book to giveaway! I’m still appalled at how many requests I get to open an account with a store just save an “extra” 10% off. I always ask them if they remember the crap this country went through a few short years ago. Time to get off the debt train and start using cash again.

  2. says

    Chris and I have NEVER been able to save more than a few hundred dollars at a time. Whenever we get even a little bit ahead, there’s always some crisis that wipes us out again. That’s our biggest challenge!

  3. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Our problem is high debt, very low income. But we are getting there! We are better off than we were last year!

  4. says

    I think we ALL need some help by reminders how to manage our money! Even if it doesn’t go in a bank, to me, I’d rather it go to a vacation or my house than to pay interest on credit cards or other debt. Sounds like a good book!

  5. says

    Our family is debt free for three years now. We were in a very bad place financially, it was a nightmare. We no longer use credit cards. All cash, if we don’t have the money, we don’t do it. It’s been working though it can be a challenge.

    Your blog is really neat. I found it through fellow Michigan bloggers and look forward to following you. Feel free to stop by and pay me a visit!

  6. Dan D says

    My greatest challenge is my children, when they want a book or something I think is practical I find it hard to say no. Impractical is easier but I feel like a cad when I have to tell them no.

  7. Stephanie Larison says

    Not much you can do when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, there’s no room to save anything because you’re spending the last cents on food just to get by. Pray to God hubby gets his promotion soon!!

  8. Vikki Billings says

    We spend where we should not and since I became disabled there is less money and it is a struggle.