United Healthcare and McDonalds Gift Cards: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Click on that picture. Go on, I’ll wait.

I KNOW, RIGHT? Pick your jaw back up unless you’re comfortable reading the rest of the post like that…

OK, I am totally on board with the Rite-Aid, Target or Meijer gift cards. Those are completely take-your-two-year-old-kid-for-shots worthy.



Oh, where to start with the wrongness?

Our government is always talking about obesity, right? And there are all these programs initiated to fight against childhood obesity, right? I mean, somewhere down south, Georgia I believe…there are billboards showcasing heavy children in hopes of raising more awareness to the epidemic we supposedly have here in the United States. There are bazillions of dollars spent EVERY YEAR, all over the country, on campaigns to support obesity annihilation. There are non-profits to get our children from potato to jumping bean. Every kid station on cable has some little anti-obesity campaign going on. It’s all over the news, in our faces, ever single day.

That letter? There are some MAJOR BIG TIME issues there.

As in…the McDonalds factor.


No matter what that company does to the healthy up the names of their foods and Happy Meals, they are still the most rotten things that we can feed our children. The new fangled Happy Meals that are supposedly healthier…don’t even get me started. Even their “healthier” food choices aren’t technically healthy or slenderizing. And quite frankly, I’m pretty sure that if there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse, it’s going to be McDonalds fault because of the crap that they put in their foods.

Which brings me to exhibit A…Why would ANY healthcare company in their right mind try to entice parents to immunize their children by dangling a $20 McDonalds gift card in front of them? Oh wait, because the fatter and unhealthier our country is, the more money these companies make. I get it. Great, offer the inoculations for free, that’s quite a deal. Especially for those of us who don’t have a Dept. of Health in our area where they are ALWAYS free. But then, let’s fatten those children up nice and plump-like, clog their arteries with pink slime and other sludge, create diabetes and cause bone and joint problems. Because yay, then we’ve got ‘em good. They’re at the doctor every other day for one obesity related problem or another, the doctor bills the insurance company and viola…they make some money.

Maybe, and this is just a thought but…the healthcare company should consider offering a 2 month gym membership to one of those $10/month fitness places. Or, how about a $25 gift card to Whole Foods or something along that GOOD FOR YOU line. If a healthcare company is going to incentivize inoculations, then perhaps offer something for the greater good. And I’m NOT talking about the greater good of the company.

What the heck was this United “HEALTHCARE” Company thinking?

Oh yeah…duh.



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