guardians of the galaxy rock and drool review

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Best One Yet

I love superhero movies. I’m a huge Thor fan. And I’d be remiss not to give a big nod in Superman’s direction. When I say ‘superhero’ movies, I totally mean Marvel, though. So, let’s talk about the new flick in theaters today…Guardians of the Galaxy. This one was the best in show. Guardians of the…

peace in the kingdom

Peace in the Kingdom: No Conflicts Allowed

In my kingdom, things are peaceful here. With the exception of sudden outbursts of dogs barking at the squirrels, leaves, shadows or a neighbor walking by. No hatred exists. As long as you don’t count the one I feel toward barking. No wars are waged, unless all the bathrooms are occupied. There are no borders…

boredom busters from the queen

10 Boredom Busters

I, the Queen, am not a boring person. Typically, I’m not bored, either.  I can usually find ways to entertain myself to distract me from the boringness of this particularly inactive summer that I’ve been having. Sure, I’ve been doing stuff. Things. But not every single day. Which is probably what makes me appreciate the…

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