Queen restores order

Tables May Turn But The Queen Can Always Restore Order

  Once upon a time, the old Queen…the one that wrote about anything and everything and didn’t care about the backlash..wrote about the fact that parents have sex. And the other fact that her royal pain in the asses..er…princesses… seemed to be eavesdropping in on the Royal Chamber when the Royal Couple was copulating. Naughty, naughty,…

13 things not on the queens bucket list

13 Things NOT on the Queens Bucket List

First of all, before the Queen starts making her list, she has an announcement to make. The Queen has determined she despises writing in 3rd person. It’s so…affected. And the Queen, despite her Royalness, is not even close to being affected…unless the effect is necessary. So the Queen will be switching to 1st person, from…

The way the Queen pictures her Staycation

And the Queen gets a Mini-Staycation

In the Kingdom, days are busy. There is schlepping to and fro. There is the feeding of mouths. There is the constant switcharoo of washer to dryer to dining room table where the laundry sits and awaits folding. There is diplomacy and refereeing. Then again, the Queen may just repeating what she said the other day. Kind…

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