parent classroom volunteers 101

Parent Classroom Volunteers 101: How to be a good volunteer so you don’t embarrass your kid

As a parent volunteer who has spent numerous hours in a myriad of classrooms (I have five kids, remember. And, I volunteered to be in every single one of their classrooms all through elementary school), there is a certain decorum…unspoken rules one must abide by so that their children aren’t ostracized by their peers. And…

writing his student council speech

Look out 5th grade aka what a difference a year makes

UPDATE: HE WON! He tied with another girl and they are co-Presidents of their 5th grade class. This is HUGE for him. He came home all giddy smiles. He still can’t believe it! SO PROUD!!   It’s been a rough few years for my son. School hasn’t been easy for him, particularly on the math…

Child playing outdoors

What happened to our society that kids playing outdoors suddenly became a crime?

In case you haven’t heard, parents have been getting into BIG trouble based on the simple fact that they are allowing their children to play outside, at parks, in yards..wherever..unattended. If there isn’t an adult around, another adult will call the police. And ARRESTS have been made. What the f$%k people? Is that really necessary?…

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